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From Eternal Energy to Art...

A Music & Dance Learning Centre


About Us

Experience the Musical Journey

Urja was established in the year 2014 with the motto of providing the authentic traditional training in Tabla and Bharatnatyam to beginners and advanced learners. Urja focuses on the overall development of the student’s personality and their perception towards the classical art forms. We encourage the students through yearly stage performance and also prepare them for participating in various competitions and workshops. We intend to provide guidance through monthly lec-demos by experts and also monthly baithak programs of the students and professionals.

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What is Our Specility...!


Limited number of students in every batch resulting into the focused attention towards every student.

An ideal concoction of syllabus oriented teaching with guru shishya parampara.

Main focus on the finess of student's technique and artistic execution at every stage.


Personalized online / offline training for students in India and abroad.


Developing individuality and self expression of every student


You need to let yourself be soaked in the essence of art, to have that flow inside of you. It takes all this and more.

I have been learning tabla under the able guidance of sachin sir for last 3 years. From our very first session, I feel that,  he not only teaches tabla and music but also gives a whole different perspective to understand our life through music. We also get to learn a lot of things from his performances. I feel very fortunate to be his student. My best wishes to him and his academy.

- Sunil Athle

My daughter Aryahi is learning Bharatnatyam dance from Gauri Tai since last  6 years. Gauri is very dedicated towards the dance and the class. She ensure that there are no unnecessary holidays and the dance class is conducted regularly. She gives special attention to all the girls and ensures they are perfect with their dance steps and postures. She is preparing them well for the exams and my daughter has already given first 2 exams and completed them successfully with good grades. Gauri is very loving but at the same time she becomes strict whenever she needs the perfection from the girls. Girls enjoy the class and are always eagerly waiting for it.
Good and best wishes to Gauri and her organization.

- Aarti Honap

I have been trained under few bharatnatyam teachers, but after I started training with Gauri mam i could feel the difference in my style of dancing. Perfecting every move with the right expressions & a detailed study of every composition is how Gauri mam conducts each class, it’s been more than 2yrs now & each class has been a different experience

- Kalyani Kulkarni

I have been learning bharatnatyam from Gauri Tai since the last 4 years. Gauri tai is an integral part of my life and has not only improved my dance skills, but also has transformed me as person. The 1 hour dance class is the best part of my week and helps me rejuvenate and move on with full energy.

-Siddhi Lipare

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